Nendoroid Ikaros Review

Hello! This will be my 1st Nendoroid review! (Horray!)

Today we are going to review… Nendoroid #178: Ikaros~

Ikaros is from the anime Sora no Omoshimono.

Let’s start with her arm parts. She has 3 pairs of arms.One pair is stretched out. One pair let’s her hold a watermelon(Ikaros likes watermelons). The last one lets her hold Apollon(her bow) and an arrow.

Forgot to place the arm holding the arrow. Sorry about that. ^^’

For a miniature watermelon the details are close enough from the real thing.

Apollon was very well sculpted you can really see the small details on it.

She also come with 3 expressions.

The details on her eyes looks so cool~ ~(*O*~)

In the anime she is somewhat expression less(something like that). I don’t want to spoil it for you so just watch the anime if you want to know why(or Google it).

This expression can also be seen on the anime. It’s great that they included this in the figure. ^_^

Ikaros is an Angeloid, so she has wings.

As you can see on the picture below, the ordinary wings got pink paint on it I don’t think that’s detail. Maybe some of the pink paint from her hair faded and stuck to the wings. 😦

1st pair is for battle mode.
2nd is ordinary.
3rd is for the chibi faceplate with holding a watermelon pose. 😀

I think the highlight of this Nendoroid is it’s battle mode because the parts for battle mode were very well made. 😀

These wings are made of soft plastic (but not as soft as silicon ^^’). The paint job looks really cool.(I like how it turns light bluish at the tips).

Now let’s take a look at the figure itself.

Painting and sculpting on her armor was very well made. You can also see that her “assets” was pretty well sculpted for a cute figure. ;D

She has 2 collars one with the shoulder pads(armor) and one with out it.
(The chains were sculpted very well but I wish they were not static).

Her hair had 2 small pigtail like thingies. The ribbon around it was beautifully made. ^_^

You have to rotate the hair part inside the ribbon so that you’ll be able to attach it when she’s in battle mode.(Hope you understand what I mean. ^^’ )

Her boots were pretty well painted too. 🙂

Her base was an ordinary Nendoroid base with additional part you attached at the end of it.

The wings have pegs that you put inside those holes and attach them on Ikaros’ back.

The downsides of Nendoroid Ikaros.

The wings are hard to attach on her back and the keep on falling off. It pissed me of how they fall of every time I try to move her head.You also have to remove the pigtail-like thingies to properly attached the wings on her back.

Apollon was not as strong as it is on the anime. The pointy part on it keeps on falling off when I try to let her hold it.

This is what I mean. =____=

Conclusion (Score: 8 out of 10)

Even if Apollon and her wings were a real pain,the sculpting and paint job made up for it.The figure was very detailed and the Uranus System(Battle Mode) was really really awesome.There are not that much Nendoroids that are cute and cool at the same time (She was also sexy for a Nendoroid =w= ). For the price I think you’ll get what you pay for. I recommend this for fans of the anime and people who like cool and cute figures.

Uranus System!!! ^(*O*)^

Hope you enjoyed my review. Sorry if I made some spoilers and I hope you’ll be reading my next Nendoroid review!
See you next time! ^___^

6 thoughts on “Nendoroid Ikaros Review

  1. Rei

    Nice review, really great photos! I especially love the first photo because the colors and quality stands out well. Ikarus is a pretty nendo and seem to have a good handful of accessories.

    I also see that you’re new here, so welcome! I look forward to seeing more reviews from you!


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