Nendoroid Nymph Review

Welcome everyone! Today we are going to review Nendoroid#181 Nymph!

Nymph is from Sora no Otoshimono the same anime series as Ikaros.(If you want to see my review of Ikaros click here.)

She comes with 2 pairs of arms. One pair is stretched out and the other let’s her hold some chips. She also comes with 2 extra right arms.One bent to 90° and one to 145°.

I wonder why they only gave her 2 left arms… =w=

They made a good job at painting that bag of chips. ^_^

She has 3 faceplates.

The bushes on her face looks cute. =w=

Wah~ tsudere~ =w=

In the anime characters sometimes turn into chibi and do (funny)stuff. =w=

Well since Nymph is also an Angeloid like Ikaros we can’t forget her wings!

According to what i have read those butterfly-like wings are called Fundamental Particle-Jamming System.(I’m not sure if the other one is for her Stealth ability.)

Certainly they made this very well. They are made of clear hard plastic unlike that of Ikaros which was a little bit soft.

Now let’s look at her body.(not in a perverted way. ^^’)

Her hair had a Nendoroid joint. So you can move them forwards and backwards and rotate them 360°.

She also has those collar-thingies like Ikaros. One with a cape/armor and one without.

Those collar sure are detailed but I still wish that the chains were made of real ones. 😐

When I was inspecting the cape/armor I saw this white arrow carved below the black arrow. I think that’s a really nice detail.(I hope you can see it.) ^___^

Yep. She also has those Angeloid ears.(or are they ear guards? O_O)

Here’s a photo of what they look like when you remove them.

As you can see on the picture her hair has a peg on it. The Angeloid ears have holes on them which connect to those pegs.

She wears a one piece dress.  There are small folds on the dress as you can see.

The downsides of Nendoroid Nymph.

One of the downsides of this figure is it doesn’t have that much accessories. Not to mention having 2 extra right hands with out a pair.

I also had the same problem with the wings(just like Ikaros’). They were really hard to put on when I use the collar with a cape/armor thingy. The wings keep on popping out and falling all over the place. The left butterfly-like wing cracked because it kept on flying on it’s own. I guess that the plastic that it was made from was a little bit brittle. (You’ll see the crack on the pictures above if you look closely. Sorry for not taking a picture of it.)

Conclusion (Score:6 out of 10)

It’s a regular Nendoroid. It also has so little accessories. Angeloids have lots of abilities they could have at less added 1 or 2 of those abilities so it would have had more optional parts. I only recommend this to really avid fans of the anime and if you’re addicted to Nendoroids so much.

And thus concludes another Nendoroid review.

I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you’ll be reading my next review. ^___^

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