Nendoroid Miku Hatsune: Cheerful Ver. Review

Welcome to another Nendoroid Review by yours truly okamiissun!
Today we are going to review… Nendoroid #17: Hatsune Miku: Cheerful Version!

Hatsune Miku is one of the mascot/character of the hit singing synthesizer program Vocaloid. This is an improved version of Nendoroid#33 Miku Hatsune. This is part of the Cheerful Japan Project which aims to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami on Eastern Japan by selling figures. For each purchase made ¥1000 is donated to Japan Red Cross. (All Cheerful Japan product were both limited and exclusive.)

She comes with a 1 pair of arms, 1 bent right arm and 2 closed fists(one for holding a leek and one for a flag). She also has 1 bent leg which you can use as a a right or left leg.

She comes with the 3 regular Miku  face plates plus a smiling face.

Nicely painted eyes. =w=

Singing faceplate~

And who could forget the Hatchune Miku faceplate =w=

And the new face plate that was added. (Let’s call it “You are not alone” faceplate)
Yep! That smile surely will give hope to anyone who sees it. ^_^

She also has 2 front hair piece. An ordinary and Hachune Miku styled.

Hatsune(right) and Hatchune(left) hair pieces.

Now let’s see those accessories of hers. =w=

1 Support flag, 2 pompoms and a leek. (The flag and pompoms were the bonus parts)

The famous leek was very nicely painted and sculpted.

The pompoms were sculpted very well and the orange color makes it pleasing to the eyes.

The pompoms have pegs(ball jointed) from the back which can be connected to Miku’s arms by removing her hands and inserting it in the hole.

Front side of the flag with some nicely printed text right there.

I must say they placed the “You are not alone” text on the perfect spot.

To make her hold the flag you have to remove the round bottom part of the flag and insert the flag’s pole in her hand. You also have the option to display the flag with the round part or without it.

You can write your message on these decals and paste them at the blank part of the flag. (Click here to see Mikatan’s blog which contains messages from some people who bought this Nendoroid.)

This awesome post card was also included inside. It has illustrations of Cheerful Japan Miku and other Vocaloids too.

Now let us examine this gorgeous body of Miku. =w=

Her pigtails have Nendoroid joints which allows you to move it up and down and rotate it 180°.(Those square thingies on her head can’t be removed by the way.)

You can display her without her stand since her hair can support her body.(But I don’t recommend it ’cause the paint on the tips of the pigtails might come off.) You can also see that her hair was beautifully sculpted.Very detailed indeed.

Those earphone can be removed but the holes on the hair which the earphones are attached to will show.

Very detailed electronic-like stuff right there.

The design on her clothes were sculpted in an amazing way. You can also clearly read the word “Vocaloid” on her left chest.

They also didn’t forget the red “01” tattoo on her left arm. I’m not sure what that means because she was not the 1st Vocaloid2 character to be released but Sweet Ann. But again she was the 1st Vocaloid2 to be released in the Japanese market so maybe that’s why she has that. 🙂

Very detailed skirt right there.

They also didn’t forget that little something for the Miku fan boys out there. I will not take the responsibility if your mom scolds you for looking at this or if someone not otaku enough happens to see you. LOL. Click at you own risk.

Downsides of Hatsune Miku: Cheerful Japan Ver.

I’ll make this short because I don’t want to be hoarded by the Miku fan boys and fan girls out there. But seriously the only flaw that I saw on this figure was the face plates were a bit too hard to remove from the body. Other than that, everything else was perfect.

Conclusion (9 out of 10)

An almost excellent figure! Very detailed! Very nicely painted! Has 4 face plates! and some bonuses! Not to mention that by buying one of these ¥1000 is donated to Japan Red Cross. Figure collecting and helping others at the same time. Highly recommended to Miku and not Miku fans.

And thus concludes another Nendoroid review~

See you again on the next Nendoroid review.

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