Nendoroid Date Masamune Review

It’s been a while! Welcome to another Nendoroid review! Yey!

Today we’re going to look at a Nendoroid made by Phat! Company.

The One-Eyed Dragon, boss of the Date clan, Date Masamune!

Date is from the hit video game series and now has an anime adaptation, Sengoku Basara. The character was base from a real samurai, who lived at 16th century. By the way, his my favorite character from that series! Are you ready guys?! Well then Let’s start this review! (Click here for more information about the character and here for the real person)

Let’s start with his hand and arm parts and accessories.

He has a pair of crossed arms and a pair of straight arms. He comes with hands that wield his six swords(Dragon’s claw). As well as a hand to hold a single katana

They also included unsheathed katanas, empty scabbards and his helmet which can be removed and can be use on other Nendoroids. Also, a single katana drawn out and its scabbard.

The katanas were sculpted very well, especially on the tsuba(guard). The paint job on the arms were a bit sloppy.^^;

Metallic paint makes the katanas look very sharp.Hmm~

The gold and black colored armor makes a good combination.

When Date is not serious. He only fights with on katana.

The alternate scabbard when you choose to pose him with on one katana on his hand.(When I was playing with him I scratched his hand by accident. Q_Q)

Hmm~ Very detailed hand guards

The scabbards are attached to the body with a peg. It’s to bad you can’t display him without it because it will leave a hole on Date’s waist.

The trade mark, crescent moon on Date’s helmet.

They also didn’t forget to place the small details on his helmet.

The squares and rectangles on his helmet is

The helmet strap is attached in side the front hair piece trough pegs.

Date comes with 3 expressions.

First up is a shouting faceplate! Beautifully sculpted mouth and eyes are very detailed.  The eye-patch having details on it was a good touch. I can hear him shouting “Phantom Dive!” inside my head. =w=

A grinning faceplate.

Serious faceplate. Tsunderes usually have a serious face and crossed arms… Date are you a… /slash

Now let’s look at his gorgeous manly body.

The fold on his waist are nice detail making them look a little bit realistic. There is a lightning symbol on the center of his belt,also a nice detail that they added. (Some of the paint on the lightning symbol got scratched. I’ve been really careless handling this figure. =__=)

More details on his back.

He’s wearing waraji (sandals) and some leg armor.

Moving on to the base.

The base had the mon (emblem) of the Date clan on it.

As you can see this base is not holding the figure very well.

Phat! Company announced that they will replace it with a much more stable base along with the 2nd release of the Nendoroid. At first I was angry because I thought they forgot about the people who bought the 1st release. But it seems like they didn’t.

They included the new base inside the box of Nendoroid Sanada Yukimura.

Here’s a picture of the new base along with a letter/instructions.

The new base was definitely much more stable than the old one!

The downsides of Nendoroid Date Masamune.

The figure was wasn’t that posable. The base was the “insert under” type which makes his legs static. Being unable to display him in a jumping pose or on a “Phantom Dive” pose. That also explains why there was no need for a bent leg to be included.  The details on his back will be ruined if the used the standard Nendoroid base so I guess that’s why they didn’t used it. But they had another option to use a magnetic base like that of Nendoroids Black Gold Saw. But now his helmet will be the problem./sigh

I was also about wondering how the people(Those who bought the first release of the Date Nendoroid) will get the new base if they didn’t buy Nendoroid Sanada Yukimura. Date sure is one problematic Nendoroid. =_____=


The figure was awesome, overall. Both paint job and sculpting were really good! Date’s body will surely be fun to interchange with other Nendoroids! Definitely a must buy for Sengoku Basara fans! But be sure to get the 2nd release so that you wont have problems with the base.

And thus,concludes another Nendoroid review! Be sure to come back next time! =w=

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