September 2012 Mini Loot

Last September 23, 2012 another Nendoroid joined the family.

Nendoroid#246: Black Rock Shooter TV Animation Version!!! Yey!!!

I got her for a really cheap price of PHP 1,880.00 ( USD 45.08/ EUR 34.10 /SGD 55.42 ). Pre-ordered her form My Japanese Hobby. It’s a local oline shop here in the Philippines. There weren’t any damages on the box. I won’t make a review of this  for now (even if I was utterly speechless from it’s awesomeness) since I’m lazy there are a lot of other Nendoroids that are waiting for their turn to be reviewed.

That’s all for now. Hope to see you on my next post! (。・ω・)ノ゙

Here are a few random pictures I took while unboxing her.

6 thoughts on “September 2012 Mini Loot

      1. yomizakura

        i already ordered pvc miku world is mine plus i ordered a few vocaloid books ^^!
        i’m not sure can get her soon ( i’m afraid my parents will lecture me again for buying this kind of stuff =x=! )

      2. okamiissun Post author

        Oh wow! I don’t really collect other figures besides Nendoroids so I kinda envy you for ordering a Miku Word is Mine(scale figure right?). :3
        I also get lecture for ordering too much figures but it’s ok I guess,It’s worth it. ^__^

      3. yomizakura

        yup..that one
        honestly i don’t collecting pvc ver too ^^
        she is will be my 1st pvc ver 😀
        i choosed her cause she is too awesome to pass XD

        my parents really strict i guess…
        they will cut my money if found i bought something related with figure ( well except book or CD are safe =x=!)

        btw can you review.. ovo
        -kagamine cheer (both of them )
        and Touwa Erio

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