Nendoroid Gumako: Cheerful Ver. Review

Hello there! Today we’re going to review…

Nendoroid#200: Gumako Cheerful Version! As requested by yomizakura

First of all who is Gumako? Well for those who don’t know, Gumako is Good Smile Campany’s mascot along with Good Smile Seiji. Her character design is based from udon. She’s the first figure to be part of the Cheerful Japan! Project. For every Gumako nendo that is sold ¥1000 is donated by GSC to Japan Red Cross.

What’s inside the box?(6/10)

  • 2 face plates
  • 1 bent leg
  • a pair of straight legs
  • a pair of straight arms
  • 1 right arm holding some chop sticks
  • 1 left arm holding a bowl of udon
  • 1 left bent arm
  • Good Smile Seiji (with stand)
  • 1 Nendoroid stand(arm type)

As you can see from the picture above she only comes with very few accessories which is a little disappointing considering that she is GSC’s mascot. Because there weren’t that much accessories it was pretty hard to do different poses. ^^’

She also comes with these stickers which you can stick on her stand.

And on the box, you see this Gumako logo or something(I’m sorry for not being able to read Japanese) which you can cut out and stick on her nendo base to be her background.

I think it will only ruin the box so I didn’t cut mine out. =w=


Gumako’s character design is simple. Which makes painting and sculpting easier. But they did put some of effort on the chopsticks and the bowl of udon. I also think that her face plates(even thought there were only 2…) were very cute. Overall on details, she looks really cute BUT there wasn’t really anything that amazing to see.

Its cute how she has a “:3” face with those round blush thingies on her cheeks. (○’ω’○)

Makes me hungry every time I see it. (´・ω・`)

From what I remember reading, Good Smile Seiji was a udon alien or some thing like that. I’m not sure if  Gumako was also an alien because they can both fly. (´-ω-`)

It’s quite hard to see but “GOODSMILE” is written on the orange line on its chest.

I don’t know where it got those brown stains on its back. =_=


Gumako has the normal Nendoroid articulation and a little extra. Those tentacle like thingies(which according to Mikatan were udon) on her head can also rotate 360° and move up and down. She’s quite enjoyable to play with because her hair doesn’t get in the way when you’re trying to make poses.

Gumako wants a hug~

As for the GSC Seiji, you can rotate his tentacle 360°. It’s tentacles are ball jointed so you can also move them(a little) in different directions.

In case you were curious how Gumako’s helmet is attached. =w=


Her original retail price was ¥3000(46.10 SGD/29.20 EUR/37.75 USD/1,557.29 PHP). I think the price is ok considering that ¥1000 will be donated to Japan Red Cross.


It’s kinda disappointing how she had so few accessories with her. I wish GSC gave her more accessories because she’s their company mascot. But she was quite fun to play with even if she had few accessories. I will only suggest this to those who want to help(through the ¥1000 donation) or those who just want to make their collection bigger. If you you only liked her from her cute face plates I think it’s still ok to get her. But if you’re a fan of detailed nendos(such as me) I suggest not getting her.

And thus concludes another Nendoroid review!

I’m sure that those who read my review noticed that I changed the format of how I review nendo. It was because I noticed that from the past reviews that I tend to use the same words and I sound really redundant. Please do comment below if you liked this new format or the old one.

That’s all for today! Hope you liked my review and see you on my next post! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

2 thoughts on “Nendoroid Gumako: Cheerful Ver. Review

  1. yomizakura

    yay… you finally reviewing her, thank you for reviewing her XD
    i’m really love gumako, even she came with simple or maybe the best word is limited accessories, i feel fine with her ~
    somehow it look cool and so original~
    i hope gsc will release more original nendo again

    1. okamiissun Post author

      You’re welcome!
      Well we have different opinions on things and this is mine. :3
      I think I saw an illustration of Gumako’s friends or something like that at Mikatan’s blog. But as of now there hasn’t been any news about them getting figures.


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