Nendoroid Sakuya Izayoi Review

Yesterday, December 12,2012 , was my figure collecting anniversary. Unfortunately our connection was being a  bitch and I wasn’t able to post this review. But anyway today we’re going to review…

Nendoroid#105: Sakuya Izayoi!!! Yehey! \(T∇T)/

Sakuya is from the danmaku shooting game called “Touhou Project”. The game is like that of are arcade games which you dodge and shot your opponents. I am actually not a fan of this kind of games because it’s too hard for me… (ノ´д`) I’ve never finished 1 game in insane mode(This is not a game for kids…). Sakuya is the head maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She has the ability to control time. She fights using throwing knives,because of her ability to control time, when she’s out of knives she simply stops time and picks them up. If you still haven’t noticed the banner and the mascot of my blog is Sakuya. I would like to tell more about “MAI WAIFU~” but we should start the review. I’ll try my best not to be biased in review her… (。・`ω´・。)  Just click here to read more about Sakuya and here to read more about Touhou Project.

What’s inside the box? (6/10)

  • 3 faceplates
  • 1 pair of crossed arms
  • 1 pair of straight arms
  • 1 pair of arms to hold the knives
  • 1 right hand to hold the tea set
  • 1 tea set
  • 2 knives
  • Nendoroid stand(“under the skirt” type)

I actually got her before I even knew who she was so I think for someone who uses throwing knives to fight, that’s really few… She had an exclusive run so… I think we all know that exclusive nendos often sometimes try to troll us. (´_`。)


The detail was accurate and inaccurate at the same time. Her hair should be silver and her eyes should be red or blue. There are other figures of her which has the same color as this nendo. I don’t really know why her hair turns violet from silver… Her clothes are close to that of the official drawings. They certainly did a good job with the frilly maid dress.       (* >ω<) The base was awesome too, having a clock design on it.

(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Braided hair looks so nicely braided. (ノ ̄ω ̄)ノ


She was fairly articulate. Even though her legs can’t move that much because of the base, you can still pose her in a dodging/jumping position(2nd picture on “Details”). The braided part of her hair is not movable so it sometimes gets in the way when you’re trying to make her hold the tea set. Her arm also has a bit of articulation, you can also remove the shoulder part of the arm and exchange it with the other ones. I don’t know if the maid cap is removable since I’m to afraid that I’ll break her… ⊙﹏⊙

You can rotate the cup and kettle so that it won’t touch her hair.

The shoulder part of the hands for holding the knives are more stretched out that those with closed fists.

I don’t know why the clock is pointed at 10:08. Maybe it’s Scarlet Devil Mansion’s tea time. (´・_・`)


Her original price was 3,000 JPY(1,478.07 PHP/ 43.10 SGD/ 36.04 USD/ 27.57 EUR/) but I got her for 2,585PHP(5,248.09 JPY/76.97 SGD/63.05USD/48.23EUR). Actually I saw this nendo on the speed sale part of the website where I usually buy Nendoroids. Most of the figures on the speed sale we’re less 5% to 15% . It was around New Years of 2011. I convinced my dad to buy me this figure until the last minute. Luckily I was just in time to click the buy button. Anyway, I think the amount that I paid to get her is still in the “ok zone”. But I think you can get a cheaper one since she had a rerelease last August.


I seriously think that they should have added more knives for Sakuya to hold. Her hair and eyes are a little bit different(the color) from the original works but I think that color still looks nice on her. Of course I recommend this to Touhou fans! Most of the Touhou Nendoroids are awesome and I’m sure you’ll like this Nendoroid of Sakuya. For none Touhou fans, you should try playing the game. The characters are mostly girls and might look derpy  but once you’ve played the insane mode I think you’ll know why this game isn’t for kids.


  • Detailed clothes.
  • The original release price is really cheap.


  • Needs more knives.
  • Braided part of her hair sometimes gets in the way.

Kampai! For 2 years of figure collecting! 且_(゚◇゚;)ノ゙
Hope you liked this review and see you on the next one!  ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

4 thoughts on “Nendoroid Sakuya Izayoi Review

  1. Rei

    That last point on your pros–priceless. It’s even in your tags! Anyway, Congratulation on two years of collecting! Hopefully there’s many more nendoroids to come for you! I’ve been planning on making a post to celebrate my first year of collecting as well but laziness takes over sometimes.

    1. okamiissun Post author

      Thanks! All I can say is… I just love MAI WAIFU too much! LOL.
      I was lazy as well but the love for MAI WAIFU was just to great that I was able to over come it. =w=


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