January 2013 2nd batch loots

January 9, 2012, Went home like the usual days. Opened the door and saw a gigantic paper bag on the table… What was inside was…

I got 7 nendos in the paper bag, Yune, Kuma, Nyaruko, Saber Lion, Super Sonico Parka Ver., Insane Black Rock Shooter and Hunter: Male Swordsman – Lagia X Edition. Actually, I have been waiting for these goodies. Specially the swords man from Monster Hunter 3G. Haven’t really played Monster Hunter 3G yet because I don’t have a Nintendo 3DS or a Wii U but I do play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for PSP. It’s a fun game and I think everyone should try playing it and it will be fun playing Co-op with friend although I don’t really have any friends know anyone who still plays the game for PSP. I really do want to make a review of these guys because a lot of the nendoroids in this batch of loots are awesome. But we still have a lot of other nendos to review. I wonder if I’ll ever catch up and review every single nendoroid that I acquired. ^^’

Here are some pictures I took while unboxing them. Didn’t really take that much pictures because it’s quite hard for me. It takes a lot of time and it is quite tiring for me. lol.

They sure look awesome displayed together! (´-ω-`) Hmm… As of now I have still yet to start the next nendo review. I’ve been busy with dealing nendoroid related problems. A lot of my nendoroids have been getting sticky because of humidity and I’ve been trying to solve this problem. Hopefully I’ll be able solve these problems and if you have any suggestions and if you have any methods of getting rid of stickiness of nendoroids please do tell me and comment below.

Anyway, That’s all Ive got for today!See you at my next post~ ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ


2 thoughts on “January 2013 2nd batch loots

    1. okamiissun Post author

      I doubt buying a display case will solve the problem. I’ve already asked people and a lot of them said that humidity might be the problem. I’ve also asked around if they know some methods and I’ve formulated my own solution based on those. I might make a post about it.


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