April 2013 Loots

Last Sunday, April 28 ,2013, three ladies came to be part of our nendo family~

I’ve been busy with being a slave to my father so that he’ll pay for my orders so sorry if this loot post is kinda late. I’m also busy doing a project related to the blog ,it’s quite time consuming so I really am sorry if I can’t post any new Nendoroid reviews.  m(_ _;;m

Anyway today we have Lily, Asuna and Hunter: Female – Berio X Armor ver.!!!

I must say, all three of them were really awesome. I specially like Lily because she’s one of my favorite Vocaloids!!! I even went around the house bragging her to my mom, my dad and my sister(lol).

Bad things happen when I get too excited and the picture above shows it all. I was trying to put her base and she fell off my hands. She hit the side of my bed and one of her hair broke… (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

And here some pictures I took while unboxing them~

That’s all that I’ve got for you today!
Thanks for reading and see you on my next post! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

6 thoughts on “April 2013 Loots

      1. okamiissun Post author

        I didn’t really have a hard time moving her but her head movement is a little bit restricted. I wasn’t able to make her face up because the arm of the base hits the tips of her hair. Congrats to your brother, Lily’s his 1st figure right?

      2. yomizakura

        yup he is…
        actually that lily nendo is mine but my brother want her so i gave her to him =v=!
        agree my brother said the same things too her head movement kinda hard to make expression since it stuck with her long hair ;A;
        i thought she will be easy to pose like miku nendo

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