Impulse Buy May 2013

I was lurking at a Facebook page’s for sale album and I happen to stumble upon a gem.
The gem was…
Nendoroid Plus: Sumomo Akihime!!
I got her for a really really really cheap price of 1,500 PHP(excluding shipping) compared to her original retail price which was 9,240 JPY. She was in an ok good condition. The paint on her front part looks like it faded, I’m guessing because of prolonged exposure to light but I’m ok with it since it’s pre-owned and it’s already an old nendoroid.

The owner also said that he replace all the neck joints with new ones because when he bought it, all of the neck joints were already broken. He also placed an extra neck joint in side the box! It’s so nice meeting good people in the internet! (・∀・)

I said that she was in ok good condition but only before I touched her…
When she got deliver I didn’t open her immediately because I was watching Gintama(yey!). I opened her around 6 or 7 pm and the lights where weren’t turned on. The only light that I had was the light coming from the computer screen. When I was inspecting her I saw this black thing on her right hand. I looked at it closely and said to myself “WTF… Is that a cigarette burn…?” I tried to scratch the thing off but only some of it came off so I returned her in the box and watched Gintama again. A few hour later I took her out again, this time I looked at the box carefully. I saw this bracelet thing that was on the box. I turned on the lights and… Well turns out what I scratched wasn’t a cigarette burn… OTL
And just this morning I accidentally stepped on her box because I placed it under my chair.
I’m sorry Sumomo… I didn’t mean any of this to happen…  (╥_╥)

Here are some picture I took while repenting from my sins….

I thought for sure I was going to graduate from being a noob Nendoroid collector after I got a really cheap bargain but turns out I still have a long way to go.

Anyway, that’s all for today!
Thanks for reading and see you on my next post! ☆ミ(o*┰ω┰)ノ

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