June 2013 Loots and The day I hit 100

Today we have loots from last Sunday, June 9 ,2013.

Dead Master TV Animation Ver, Sayaka Miki and Ultimate Madoka/Godoka. The arrival of these 3 Nendoroids is very special because I have hit the 100th mark! Yey! I currently have 100 Nendoroids in my possession excluding my pre-orders. (」゜ロ゜)」

What does it feel having 100 Nendoroids?
Well I didn’t really feel anything. It was just an ordinary Sunday afternoon with new nendos in on my hand. I checked my MFC account and to my surprise I hit the 100th mark. I was just there staring at my laptop’s screen, reflecting on the things that I’ve done and been through with my babies. Then I said to myself “You have too many nendos dude.” ((*゜Д゜)ゞ”

Will you stop here or continue collecting Nendoroids?
The big question. My collection will still flourish because I have quite a lot of pre-orders. I’ve been addicted to toys/figures as long as I can remember so given that it will be hard for me to stop collecting Nendoroids. I already spent 2 years collecting, it’s like drugs now if I stop I might have withdrawal syndrome and start bashing peoples’ heads. ヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノ

And as always here are some pictures I took while unboxing.

Well that’s all I’ve got for today.
Thanks for reading and see you on my next post! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

8 thoughts on “June 2013 Loots and The day I hit 100

  1. NY Otaku

    Wow, congrats on 100 nendoroids! I just passed the 100 mark on figures the other day, but I don’t have nearly 100 nendoroids! Maybe I’ll reach 100 nendos some day, but it might take a while ^^

  2. dejivruR

    wow 100? seriously? that’s an awesome amount of cuteness… must’ve taken lotsa effort to maintain them to keep coming hehe
    meanwhile i am having hard times keeping up with about 30s collectible stuffs
    anyway this is a nice blog, and thank you for putting my link on your blogroll it’s much appreciated, i’ll be sure to put yours on mine as well

    keep them nendoroids coming… and you would probably die of moe-betes… or so they say XD

    1. okamiissun Post author

      Yeah it was pretty hard. I had to deprive myself from other stuff that I wanted to be able to buy more Nendoroids. haha

      Thanks for that! I always see your pictures on Facebook, I think most of them are cool! :3

      1. dejivruR

        thanks man, much appreciated, well goodluck on collecting the upcoming 100 nendoroids, them packaging getting interesting after the 300th

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