July loots and 1st blog anniversary

Wah~ It’s been quite sometime since I posted something.

Due to school stuff I wasn’t able to post any updates. So today we have loots from July 14, 2013. Kirito from Sword Art Online and Fujiwara no Mokou from Touhou Project. Both awesome Nendoroids that I’ve been waiting for, specially Fujiwara no Mokou. Fujiwara no Mokou is the first nendoroid that I got with the new faceplate system. I think they did a fine job to lessen the possibility of neck joints from breaking but I kept on popping her neck joint off because I wasn’t used to it. (*-ω-)

Last August 8 was the first anniversary of the blog~ Yey~
Thanks to the people who subscribed(even though I don’t post on a regular basis). I’ll try my best to keep the blog alive(somehow). I’m so touched that there are still people who check the blog out even though it was dead for a month. Thank you very much. m(_ _)m

Going off topic, I also got a second hand Yamaha Pacifica from an acquaintance. It wasn’t working properly when I got it so we had to go to a music store to get it fixed. The first pick-up wasn’t working anymore but the technician decided not to replace it anymore.

I have to say that this might be the best loot for the month of July because I always wanted a red electric guitar. She had quite a lot of small dents and one of the saddles was replaced but it’s ok because someone told me before that scratches and what not add up to the personality of a guitar. (´・ω・`)

Also got a rainbow colored strap 2 days ago and yesterday I traded one of my amplifiers to a local store for a 30% discount on a Laney amp. I got the idea of getting a rainbow strap from a picture of the bassist of Beat Crusaders, Kubota Masahiko.

Well that’s all I’ve got for you today.
Thanks for reading and see you on my next post! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

6 thoughts on “July loots and 1st blog anniversary

  1. NY Otaku

    Nice loot, congrats on your first anniversary! I haven’t picked up my guitar in a while, I should probably get more into playing but I’ve been too busy with other things to sit down and play ^^;. Mokou has been on my want list for a while but I never got around to actually ordering her, kind of regretting it at the moment but hopefully I can get her somewhere.

    1. okamiissun Post author

      You should also get the other Touhou nendos if ever you get Mokou. I’m sure they’ll look great together but most of them are exclusive so they might suck the life out of your wallet. :))

  2. yomizakura

    awww congratulation XD
    sadly i couldn’t online too much this past month! But i hope i can read more update from your blog ~

    welcome kirito and Fujiwara no Mokou
    both of them look great X3


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