Nendofarm’s Nendo Bring Me

Nendofarm turned 3 last March 3, 2015. As the picture below suggest they had a game which I participated in. (This post might contain some NSFW pictures) (๑′°︿°๑)

These were the mechanics of the game pretty much. I’m too lazy to type in every single one of these so I grabbed the mechanics from the group, with their consent of course. (°∀°)b

Here are my entries in order. The first two pictures below are my entries from the dry-run of the game.

“A cup of noodle” 1st dry-run entry

Fort Cup Noodles.

“Pom-poms” 2nd dry run entry.

DIY Flower Pom-poms.

Pictures below are my entries from the actual game. Most of the words were in Filipino and some have double or multiple meanings so to avoid confusion I added links to the meaning that I used and a little bit of explaining too. ( ̄□ ̄)

1st round “Panot“- almost bald or bald

When gardeners go wild.

2nd round “Disgusting”
I made the “sh*t” using dark chocolate and tissue paper.(so calm down Mio fans)

“In deep sh*t.”

3rd round “Homo”


4th round “Putok“- explosion
I’ll leave the explanation on this one up to your imagination. ( ̄□ ̄;)
The liquid is plastic cleaner/dashboard cleaner/car detailing stuff not the thing that you might be thinking of(so Azusa fans please don’t kill me).

Iku Azu-nyan~! Iku~!!

5th round “Hampas-lupa” -a bum/good for nothing/vagabond or literal meaning “hampas”means strike/hit and “lupa” means earth. So something like “hit the earth”
This was a late entry but went ahead and sent it anyway. As for this one I used the literal meaning and the abstract meaning of the word. A bum who went homeless who now has his face hitting the ground/earth.

Unreachable dreams

6th round “Bakokang” -a big scar
Didn’t use the meaning of the word above instead I tried copying the appearance of the impersonation of a local comedian(watch it here). (・∀・)

Bakokang is love, Bakokang is life.

7th round “Creepy”
I remember rushing to school after taking this shot, thinking that I was going to get late for class. Turns out our professor was absent. (」゜ロ゜)」

Tea Time.

8th round “Maasim“-sour
Our breakfast was “paksiw” that day so I settled for that. ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ

Maasim na almusal (Sour breakfast)

9th round “Grouchy”

Don’t let the summer heat get to you

10th round “Bundat” -So full from eating that the tummy is bulging.

How I imagine astronauts a few months after getting back to Earth

11th round “Stupid”

Yui tries guitar spinning

12th round “Sakang” -bow-legged

Oppa Azu-nyan Style

19th round “Muchacha” -maid

Muchacha ni Yui(Yui’s maid)

20th round “Pikon” -someone who get angry easily when teased/joked

The Rage of Azusa

21th round “Soul”
Another late entry. Again submitted it anyway. ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ

Body and Soul

23rd round “Weakness”

Weakness lies in the Shadow of the Past

24th round “Abnoy” -crazy,insane or abnormal

Eat or Die

25th round “Cachupoy” -a famous comedian here in the Philippines or it can also refer to his trademark haircut that’s parted at the middle.
Sculpted the his hair using glue tack. (^・ω・^ )

Creepy Nerd Guy Hairstyle

26th round “Revenge”

Tired of Ritsu’s pranks

28nd round “Mura”-cheap

Mugi at a sale

29th round “Supot”-bag(ex:plastic bag)
I felt really weird doing this. I even had to lock my door because someone might see what I’m doing and misunderstand.  Originally titled “Suicide” without “?” because I though people wrapped their head before hanging their selves(lol). Someone pointed it out so I added a “?”.

So is it a suicide? ( ̄■ ̄;)!?


30th round “End”


I didn’t won any prizes this time but I did enjoy the game! I also gained some new vocabulary because I don’t know some of the words before the game. And I got to practice my photography somehow. Although I must say that some of these I went a little overboard. lol (^~^;)ゞ

Congratulations to Nendofarm for turning 3! and congratulations to the winners of the contest!

I hope you enjoyed this pictures!
Thanks for reading and see you on my next post! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ


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