What’s the site for? Why did you start doing Nendoroid reviews?

The blog now: Random stuff that I fancy.

The blog before: This site/blog will contain Nendoroid Reviews. Might also include some anime related stuff and maybe my loots for the month. I don’t really remember why but I think someone suggested that I start doing Nendoroid reviews.

Here are some banners if you would like to add me in your blog roll. If these don’t fit just comment bellow and I’ll make one which has you’re desired dimensions.

okamiissun_banner_ okamiissun_banner_ okamiissun_banner_100x55

What does okamiissun mean? Where did you get that name anyway?
It doesn’t really have any meaning. When I first started using the internet ,around 2008 if I remembered correctly. I made my first email account. Since I was still a newbie, I decided to combine the names of 2 characters from my favorite game, Okami. The first name was “Okami” the main character of the game which was a wolf and the second one is “Issun” a 1 inch tall “wandering artist” who accompanies Okami on her journey. And just like that, okamiissun was created and ever since then I’ve been using it on my other accounts.

Why do you have the same blog name and user name?
I was too lazy to think of another name for the blog. =w=

Who is okamiissun?

  • He lives in the Philippines and obviously a Filipino.
  • He spends his free time watching anime, reading manga and rolling over the cold side of the floor.
  • He also used to collect Nendoroids but decided to stop.
  • He plays the guitar.
  • He takes picture of random stuff that fancy him.
  • He tries to survive on his days as a college student.

I also have accounts on:



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