Sakuya and okamiissun welcomes 2013

Took some picture of my waifu while we preparing for our New Year’s celebration!

Please be aware that PVC figures are quite sensitive to light and heat. I did this knowing that risk.

It’s been a tradition in our family to cook barbeques on New Year’s Eve. We don’t usually grill corns but this year we did(for some reason). When I was still a kid, my dad is the one in charge in cooking them. But now I’m the one in charge, my dad still helps out because my barbeques usually end up either uncooked or burned. (  ̄┏_┓ ̄)

Sakuya looks so happy. LOL.

Every New Year’s Eve we have different round-shaped fruits like these small oranges on our dinning table. My mom kinda believes on those Feng Sui things(although we aren’t Chinese). I think it’s something like round-shaped fruits attract good fortune or something like that.

We drink tons of Dr.Pepper during New Year’s Eve. I won’t call this as our family tradition yet because we only started it last year(new year’s eve of 2012). Why Dr. Pepper? you might ask. If you’re familiar with the anime “Steins;Gate” you might have an idea why I like this drink so much. But for those who don’t, characters from the anime drink Dr.Pepper. I feel closer to the anime my favorite character(Kurisu) in Steins;Gate when I drink one. (´・ω・`)

Sakuya: Let’s eat!
okamiissun: It’s not time yet! (,,#゚Д゚)

When the clock strikes at 12, we go outside to watch fireworks and when it’s done we eat. Sometimes we light up fireworks(most of the time only hand held ones). It’s quite dangerous for figure to be exposed to fireworks since they are quite sensitive to light and heat so I ended up not having picture of Sakuya and some fireworks(I can’t risk my waifu for that). щ(ಠ益ಠщ)

Sakuya: What’s you’re New Year’s resolutionokamiissun: Nothing. Although a lot of our readers will say I should make more reviews. LOL.

That’s all I’ve got for you today!  Hope you enjoyed reading this although it’s not really figure related.
Happy New Year! See you at my next post! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

8 thoughts on “Sakuya and okamiissun welcomes 2013

  1. Rei

    Happy New Year! Lol at the burn in the first picture, I see what you mean. I think the believe is that oranges bring in luck and wealth because they sound similar to money in Chinese and looks like gold. It feels as if I can hear Sakuya screaming throughout your whole post, that was intense, hahaha.

    1. okamiissun Post author

      My dad was the one who cooked that. Oh, so that’s what it symbolizes. Actually made this post by impulse. That’s why her face didn’t change in all the pictures. XD

  2. yomizakura

    HappY New Year
    wish you have a good year X3

    awww that nice family party, i did the same things too yesterday with my friends
    beside corn i did fish grill too and end up i burn some of fish cause i can’t cook =x=!

      1. yomizakura

        that nice, pssst i think it will better without fish if can’t cook it will end up burn and taste strange XD

        it looked, you really enjoyed your new year :3

      2. okamiissun Post author

        Yeah good thing we didn’t ask me to grill some fish. :3
        Yeah I did it’s quite nice to get together with the family in occasions like New Year. 😀

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