Nendoroid Erio Touwa Review

Today we’re going to review… Nendoroid #195 Erio Touwa! Erio is the main heroine of the anime Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. She is the Makoto’s(main protagonist of the show) first cousin. She is fascinated with the night sky and aliens(believing that she is an alien herself). She’s often seen warped in a pink futon with purple  floral patterns on it with only the top of her head showing from above and her legs and the tip of her hair from below. But as the story progresses(when she started accepting that she’s not an alien) she is seen wearing a school uniform with the bow tie loose and the shirt slipping from either one of her shoulders(which looks hot~). The anime is quite “special” in a way having characters that have weird interests and personalities. It’s funny and enjoyable to watch so I suggest you watch the anime. Anyway, click here for more information about Erio and here for Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. Now let’s start the review!

What’s inside the box? (10/10)

  • 3 faceplates
  • 1 pair of straight arms
  • 1 pair open hands
  • 1 pair slightly closed hands
  • 1 UFO attached to a stick
  • 1 left arm for holding the UFO
  • 1 left arm with a hand holding a pizza
  • 1 body covered by a futon (big)
  • 1 body covered by a futon (small)
  • sitting lower body with bent legs which can be detached

I can’t help but give her a perfect score here. I mean look at those accessories! It’s like getting two Nendoroids! You can even pose two Erio’s at the same time!

Details (8.5/10)

I would also give her a perfect score in detail if it weren’t for those nasty looking lines at the back of her head. Those lines ruined her hair! They should have at least tried to hide those nasty looking lines. Another thing is the body covered in futon (small). A part of it was carved so that the a part of her hair won’t touch it. That carved part will surely show if you tried using the body cover in futon(small) with a Nendoroid with shorter hair. Other than those two things most of the sculpt and paint job where very neatly and nicely done.

This faceplate is quite cool. Because her lips where visible like that from the anime.



 She is very poseable. Her hair doesn’t get in the way because it has a concave shape which gives space between the hair and the body. She also has a Nendoroid joint on her waist. And the lower part of her shirt is flexible making her more articulate. Her base is  a magnet-arm type base which is longer than regular peg-type bases. Because of this type of base she doesn’t have a hole on her back. Although when you use the “body covered in futon(big)” and tried to make her “float” using the base, she falls off because the magnet cannot  handle the weight of the body covered in futon(big) part. You can also rotate her “agohe” but I’m not quite sure if you can rotate the agohe on the body covered in futon(big) because it was quite stiff and I was afraid to break it.  ^^’

You attach the white peg thingy on the lower half so that the skirt and the lower half won’t separate.

A lot of you might not know but I actually broke Erio’s base(was planning to do her review at that time). I broke it on October 16,2012, at the same day I mailed GSC support if I can get a replacement part for the damage. On October 19,2012 they confirmed that they will send me the replacement. And on November 7, 2012 I received it.

Envelope containing the replacement part.


I got her for 2,170 PHP (4,623.94 JPY/65.08 SGD/53.26 USD/40.61 EUR) and her original price was 4,000 JPY (1,879.05 PHP/56.27 SGD/46.06 USD/35.15 EUR). Not much of a difference from the original price(I think). For a Nendoroid pack with lots of goodies inside that’s quite cheap. And getting 2 Nendoroids for the price of one is quite rare.


A Nendoroid with lot’s of accessories for the price of one! Details are good and very poseable compared to other Nendoroids with long hair. I think she is a must have for every Nendoroid collector! I think her price is stating to go high so better grab your own Erio now or wait for a resale.


  • Has a lot of accessories.
  • Hair doesn’t get in the way even if it is long.
  • Very cheap if you consider the goodies that you’ll get.
  • If your waifu has a Nendoroid you might consider the next picture as a bonus. (ノ゚0゚)ノ~


  • Lines on the back of her head…
  • Carved part on the body cover with futon(small).

Dreams do come true… (」゜ロ゜)」

And thus concludes another Nendoroid review!
Thanks for reading and See you at my next post! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

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