Spread the Nendoroid Love

It’s time to quit.
Today is my 5th year anniversary of being a Nendoroid collector. Today will also be the day that I officially stop being one.

Last Saturday, December 5, I parted with 2/3 of my Nendoroid collection. I sold them to a famous local online shop. I left 1/3 of my collection for safe keeping.

I’m sure there’s one thing that people who knew me will ask and that is “Why?”
Why did you quit something you loved so much? Something that you devoted so much time and effort. Even my parent were confused by the sudden decision that I made.

The last “Family picture”

I decided to quit because for the past months a lot has happened behind the scenes. I observed the local Nendoroid community, the anime figure groups and the shops. A lot has change since I started out. Most of the friends that I once talked with about Nendoroids either don’t talk to me anymore, had quit or had unfriended me. It’s definitely a sad reality. I saw these but I still didn’t want to quit. My attachment to this hobby is strong but I felt empty. I guess it’s hard to keep relationships with people you don’t meet face to face. Feeling alone in a vast world is definitely saddening.

Last June I started what I though would be my last year at school. I took up my thesis subject luckily it was a group thesis and luckily we passed. Due to a back subject that I had, I ended up being classmates with a person that I first took interest a year ago. I took the courage to approach this person. In my head I thought “This is my last year as a student, Imight as well do something to be close to her. If all things fail I won’t be seeing her again anyway.” or so I thought. In a span of 5 months I was able to know this person better, her interest, her goals and  her life views. I realized how independent and strong-willed she is. She’s younger than me but she knows what she wants. I realized how pathetic I was. I knew I should do something so I tried my best to change and giving up on collecting is one of those changes that I thought I should do.  It’s funny how that person is clueless right now that she had changed the way I think and act. Still I’m grateful that I got to meet someone like her.

After the first semester ended last October an unexpected news unfolded. I won’t be graduating this school year. It’s sad but I’m quite ok with to be honest because I’ll be able spend more time with the person who woke me from my daydream.

I have decided to focus more on my other hobbies which are photography and playing the guitar. I won’t remove the blog but the contents will most likely focus more on photography or music or any random stuff that I have in mind.

Spread the love

It’s been a very fun and awesome ride. I’m sure to treasure the 5 years worth of experience that I’ve gained in this hobby. But now I’ll pull down the curtains for a new and maybe better phase in my life.

That’s all I have for you today.
See you on my next post and be sure to spread the Nendoroid love!

3 thoughts on “Spread the Nendoroid Love

  1. dejivruR

    hey don’t feel bad, things like this happens a lot in life… things come and go, people come and go, that’s so very natural… don’t take it personally. good luck with life


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